System: Decothane Omega 15 Contract value: £25,000.00 Scope of works: Existing roof is asphalt with a solar reflective coating. The roof had failed at its upstand detail and started splitting due to it being at the end of its lifespan. We made good the splits and coated with a base coat. Overlayed the roof with […]

System: Langley Paracoat 20 Contract value: £7,700.00 Scope of works: 1. Existing roof membrane is asphalt on a timber close boarded deck. The asphalt has started to slump and the board joints have become visible. 2. The client did not want to strip the existing membrane for fear of water ingress and a temporary roof […]

System: GRP Resin System Contract value: £22,000.00 Scope of works: 1. Existing anti-slip tiles were de-bonding and causing a serious trip hazard. 2. All tiles were removed and substrate made good. 3. New treads and risers were formed off site. The risers were given a smooth finish to allow water run off and the treads […]

System: Sika Gamma 20 Gutter Contract value : £16,500.00 Scope of works: 1. The school roof had the lead stolen from the valley gutter and the existing tiles were damaged in the process. Water was entering into the hall below damaging the wooden flooring. 2. The eaves course of tiles were removed to expose the […]

System: Sika Gamma Omega 15 Contract value: £3,230.00 Scope of works: 1. The existing asphalt deck was leaking at the perimeter upstands and pipe penetrations.  Quick fix coatings such as Acrypol had been applied to these areas but this failed as it is only a temporary solution. 2. An epoxy primer was coated to the area followed […]

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